Wednesday, November 23

Inaugural Ride

On Sunday, Jason, Dozer and I went out to Fontana to support parts of the Backbone teamt aht are cool enough to compete in Down Hill. Dozer went crazy because it seemed that everyone else brought along their little pets as well. Chris hooked me up with a killer jersey, so i can represent whenever i want!

Monday, i took a little road ride in Redlands. I hit of the Sunset loop because i hate my bike and it is all i really had time for. Did you know they opened up the full loop again? Yeah, i know that probably happened months ago, shows how much I get out on the road.

I had no one to take a picture of me actually wearing the jersey, but the colors suit me quite well I think. So i just hung it up in the cabin when i got home just so you know not to be looking for the bright orange anymore, this is what you will see. I am also a bit excited because i no longer mix in with the cal-trans guys.


Cap'n said...

HEY JOY!! That jersey sure do look perty! I can't wait for the new schizzle to come in, then you can wear them out to dinner, to the movies, etc. They are quite fashionable, you know. Will we see ya at the Turkey Trizzle Sunday?


what about bob said...

SUweeet! Welcome aboard the crazy train. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!