Friday, November 18


Perks of being a teacher: We still observe the holidays to their full intent! We get the ENTIRE week off for Thanksgiving, which is near unheard of, but i wont argue!

I am going to pack the week full of getting huge in the gym (pictures coming soon, promise...) riding everywhere (hit up Oak Glen tomorrow perhaps) and even mountain biking! While the Sun god is smiling on us, i think we can even safely hit up Rim Nordic or Big Bear without running across the Abomidable (sp) Snowman! I keep thinking, this is nice and all, but what is JUNE going to feel like??? Yuck.

Race in Fontucky this weekend. I may go cheer on my new teammates from Backbone, but i am over and out. The minute i drove down from Big Bear after the Fall Classic, i havent thought about racing. Except those nightmares of the excruciating (sp) 38 miles of Sea Otter. Sometimes i get sick, like you do the day before a race, then i remember that it isn't until APRIL!!

"I can't finish the mile." WHY? "I smell bleach." WHERE? "In my nose."


1.) All the physical therapy girls LEFT!! This means i have to find new ones, or just re-initiate the old ones. They have left for a 6 week fellowship then Christmas. Shellie, Summer, and Heidi...happy trails and have more fun than ever before!!

2.) Also in local events, basketball began. This is a very multifaceted aspect of my life. I coach high school girls varsity basketball. This is pretty much life and death. if you don't believe me, i encourage you to come be a spectator at one of our games, or come be a practice dummy - this means we just throw you around and score on you a lot so we feel better about ourselves. And, to dispell any rumors, i am not ON the team. I coach it. Some people feel as if i am a student, although i haven't been in high school proper since 1998. These practices will run until 9pm at times, games will take us from Palm Desert to Hemet. To tournaments over the holidays and perhaps the playoffs in March, all in the pursute of self-realization, physical fitness and well-being, and well, in the girls opinions, a great way to meet guys.

3.) Dozer weights about 82 lbs. Sometimes i wake up and he is sleeping on my leg and i think that my foot has been amputated, but its not.

Thats it for now. i have no more valuable or invaluable information to bestow apon you.

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