Tuesday, November 8

Moving North...one day

Redlands is socked in with fog this morning, and it shockingling reminds me of the 13 years i spent in Nor Cal. I want to go back to college, where the simplicity of life, the miles of single track, the dense fog, and menotenous routine were so taken for granted. I lived for 13 years in volcanic crater called Angwin. Any of you go race the Napa Valley Dirt Classic? Well you should. It is hosted by my almamater (sp?), Pacific Union College. The "Hill", as we called it, tends to get locked in with fog for a majority of the winter. As we rode through the single and double tracks, all you could hear was the pine needles crunching and the thickness of the air as it snuck into your lungs. Nobody really cared if you were sponsored or if you had a sweat bike. I didn't race back then, but the rides were more fun than ever. Did racing ruin that? Probably. All i had to do in college was clean the weight room, go to class, ride my bike, do some research, go to basketball practice, play some games. Rent was $250 and food was cheaper than ever. The town was like Forest Falls, but i did everything there, i didn't have to exit my mountain home to do get things accomplished. Unless, of course, i wanted fast food, target or caffeine, all which were at least 45 minutes away. Now you understand why I have no problem living in a town with no stop lights, street lamps, or functional businesses.

One day I will move north into a cabin next to the trails. But until then, the fog in Redlands blocks out the noise of the streets, dims the street lights, keeping many of the miscrients indoors, creating a much more perfect and placid riding environment. If only i didn't have to go to work...

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