Monday, November 7

Hulda Crooks

There is this delightful little bit of trail in Loma Linda called Hulda Crooks. I usually call it Hulda Poops, and avoid it at all costs. I was riding there once where i could see two bulldozers making there nasty tracks as they turned the well-packed dirt into a mush of sand and silt. So, i banned myself from the place until yesterday. I have no idea why i actually decided to go there, but i did. I fired up the iPod (thanx girls) and headed on my way, sans HR monitor. I was boycotting starring at the blinking numbers that just mean that i may pass out, or not. I really enjoyed the ride....except....the two dirt bags, i mean dirt bikers, that passed me on a narrow, uphill single track. Then, when i was exiting the lovely park, i feel as if i rode through a drug deal. Serious. There are some shady folk that hang out there.

4: Number of parents who stopped by for parent teacher conferences today. I am done at noon? WHAT?
29: Pounds of fat i am lugging around with me. Thats what the fat % counter thing told me. I am going to sever a piece of glute off, narrow it down to about 12.
4: Days i have had the JEEP!!!
20: Weight of the dumb bell i can curl again, just need to get back to the 50's. joke. really.

I was so extremely fatigued after running two miles with Junior High kids, who, of course, i had to beat, i could not ride on Saturday! My hamstings hurt WORSE than when i did romanian dead lifts, and i just couldn't do it. The most exciting part of the weekend was changing around my room/living room/office/dining room. You see, for those of you who have never been there, it is all ONE ROOM. About 20' X 20'. Take a step to the left - dining room - which is actually situated on the side of my bed, in the bedroom. I sneezed and all the cobwebs fell down, i dropped a sock and i felt crowded and cluttered. I am running out of storage place, and i can't quite store Dozer anywhere. But it does look much better, especially since everything is exposed!

Spin class was delightful and i had 15 in attendance! This is a record high, because everyone usually has a case of the Mondays. Who in their right mind would really want to go to the gym at 5:30 AM to get yelled at my ME?!?! ACtually, i don't yell, but i think i do make them afraid. I perspire A LOT and sometimes i wear bright orange, thank you Jose Ole . They think i am a nut because i actually RIDE a bike.

No kids today, just parents, and none of them have yelled at me....yet.

Tomorrow i actually get to ride my really neat road bike, but at least i have time. Basketball doesn't start until 6pm, so i have "break."

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