Wednesday, November 9


My students found my blog. This disclaimer is to dispell any rumors that my blog has been created with ill in mind. This is not a diary. This is not parallel to a "My Space" or Zanga. This is not a place to find a soulmate or create new friends. I already have those.

This is THIS blogs purpose: To enlighten my family from New Zealand to Orlando FL with the wonders of my life. To let college pals and riding buddies know when the next epic ride will take place, what my race schedule will be, and how those races went. This blog was created to help you find a glimmer of laughter because my life is odd, and there are days that hearing about it will make you grateful for what you have and hopefully one day, just a bit jealous of what I have.

So don't get all excited and weird, thinking that "Coach D" is creating a salacious on-line diary. Sorry to disappoint kids, its just a glimps into my life. Wanna go for a ride with us?

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Dustin said...

Its spelled Xanga. And myspace is one word.


-Dustin (alipoon)