Friday, November 11


See, Griffyn is trying to defect too. Silly boy, little does he know he needs his mom for EVERYTHNG! (julene, could you put some clothes on the boy?)

There comes a time in cycling, relationships, and work, that there must be a change. That time came for me this past week in my decision to defect from Team Jose Ole and join the Backbone Adventures Cycling team for 2006. It took me about 2 weeks of discussion, rough drafts, and deep thought to come to my decision, which i am now very happy with. Of course I will miss the boys in orange and brown, and I am forever thankful for their gracious help and support.

Next season I will don the blues of Backbone, where i will become much less of a target, thank goodness, and join the ranks of Christie Pleiss, Teri Strayer, Dawn Lyons, and Bev Monaham, to name a few. Thanx girls for the motivation and mentoring! And thank you Chris Sharp for bringing me on board! It's gonna be great!

I hit a skunk. The jeep smells like skunk. Oops.

Big bike sale at Redlands Cyclery, USA. Too bad that road bike, i will never buy, is now located under the hood up the jeep. Really. Im gonna buy at least one pair of socks though, oo, so excited!


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jeremy said...

pretty cool blog joy except for the nudity on the front page and can't you keep off this trashy spam from anonymous commenters?

grifsmum said...

it's a BABY!!! babies are allowed to be NUDE!:-)

Cap'n said...

Hi Joy! I am very pleased that you have chosen to bring your talent, and wit to the clan here at Backbone Adventure Cycling. You will fit better than O.J.'s glove here, and after reading your blog entries, I am more convinced than ever that we made the right decision.
Hope Forest Falls doesn't become a giant LUGE run again this year!

Cap'n Chris