Tuesday, May 1

I owe it all to.....

COACH'S OATS I got a bag of this cereal from my sponsor bike shop, and i have been eating it every morning since. I usually add some fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas with some almond milk. it must have been the trick, the last missing element, to my first NMBS WIN!!!

I will never really know what the trick was, but i will continually attempt to repeat it or find that groove. Maybe it was the high noon start, just like 3rd period PE out on the field. Or maybe the near 100 degree weather with high winds kicking up towers of dust. Once again, another great day in the Inland Empire. Or maybe it was because my parents, grandparents, inlaws, husband, and dogs were there. OR, last but not least, maybe it was because i had TEAMMATES out on course!!

To have all those great people there, AND my mountain biking family (who i feel i terribly neglected over the weekend. Can we be friends again?!?!) was fantastic!!

NICE PEOPLE after a dusty pre-ride on saturday, i headed to the car leary that i was going to have a mechanical. I am pretty new with hydrolic disc brakes and i really stink at adjusting them. I was accompanied on my ride with a constant whir and ting, not a good sound. As i was loading up and talking to the husband, i mentioned to him that my brakes were being lame. AS soon as i hung up, the van FULL of guys next to me asked if they could work on my bike. Maybe it was that we were all on Specialized or that we recognized eachother from So Cal racing, or i was just a lame girl alone in a cow pasture. None the less, the hooked me up big time!! I am not going to admit to all the things they fixed, but lets just say that about 10% of them were my fault. Come race time, the Sho Air guys were out on course or in the feed zone and start finish line and they were cheering for me!! How cool is that! MOre contacts made, more friends to be found!!

Nice people part 2: I was very tired on Monday morning. Jason and i had this great plan of saving money and car pooling to work. Um, no. That would mean an entire hour early to work for me, not gonna happen. So i was left with the jeep, on E. I rolled it down the driveway and coasted out of the woods and off the mountain just in time to roll into Circle K. As i raveged through my bag, i realized that my man-wallet was on table at home, UP the mountain. I had $2.20 and i was officially late for roll call for first period. Oops. I run inside and ask if they take checks. No stupid. what IS a check?? When i ran back in with my change, the lady behind the counter GAVE ME $4.00!!!! She sees me about 4 times and week and told me to bring it by the next day. I gave her a 5 yesterday. how nice is that though? Another un-named coworker loaned me some more cash because it was JASON'S BIRTHDAY and the gas i had put in the car wasnt enough to get me home to get my wallet!!! I also bought $10 off of Charlie with a check so that i could get Jason his lunch, which i was supposed to have made, birthday and all, but didnt. Oy, what a way to roll through a Monday!!!

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