Friday, May 4

They didn't even KNOW

Today during our Cinco de Mayo party on the field, a wooden bat-wielding student headed for the Pinata and jokingly swung it towards my leg. I responded with an automatic "Dont Do a Nancy Kerrigan on me." they just stared. So the explanations were quite necessary.

"Olympic figure skater hopeful Nancy Kerrigan (at right) is attacked by a man apparently working with rival skater Tanya Harding (left). Kerrigan and Harding are vying for spots on the US Olympic team. The attack is widely thought to be one way of ensuring that Harding would make the team and earn a Gold medal in Lillehammer. She does make the team, but her turn is lackluster and is characterized by complaints to judges about her skates' poor performance. Kerrigan will go to become an international skating star. Harding will participate in a women's smack down wrestling contest."

I could push this issue really far, but i just feel like doing a photo-log of the events back in 1994. The year i graduated from 8th grade

What began as an innocent quest for Olympic stardom, turned into a debackle that will forever taint Figure Skating.
Tanya Harding, the native Rural Orgonian realized she she may not make the cut, so she took matters into her own hands, or shall we say her pocket book as she hired an un0skilled hit man to make the crack on the knee heard around the world. "WHY???" Nancy wailed as the crow bar richoched off the side of her patella. She was still clad in super-hero duds heading for the locker room. Nancy was able to rehab and go to the Olympics, as did Tanya.

Kerrigan has gone on to do charity work, skating with the stars and many other productive things like child bearing.

Harding, on the other hand, has found her face in mug shots, gained some L-B's, divorced her husband, and otherwise slandered herself. She cried at events, complaining that her lace was not tied right and got a redo, and still didn't do well.

Harding also tried to jump-start her athletic career in boxing. I think she lost. Or at least she should have.
On a better note, go watch Blades of Glory

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