Sunday, May 6

Little Known Facts

Tour of the Gila Update: The brother, forges on with his top 15 performances. In friday's really long road race: 12th place, right in the lead pack. Pulling into Saturdays Criterium, i was skeptical, but when i clicked on the results last night, i was stoked to see yet another 12th place finish, bumping up to 16th over all in the General Classifications. Dang. We'll see what today brings!!

NMBS #3 Fontana: That was yesterday, a pretty tough ride. I was able to hold onto first place, squeaking out another national win. I was very greatful to have stayed up right the entire race, even though my legs were quaking like little leaves on many of the descents, all three laps!! Once again the girls in my category are a class act, very professional and kind, which is a breath of fresh air. I was also lucky to have support out on the course from my team and Jason, and being a local race, many of the local racers/fans were out in droves!! Also, Tanya from Cannondale and all my other racing homies.

So many people talk so bad about this event, it is actually funny. The course is challenging and entertaining and very tough. It tends to morph even between laps, you will NEVER be able to ride the same line!! The air was clean all weekend, the temps pretty mellow, and the wind moderate, pretty darn nice for Fontana. I was out checking things out on Friday, and a guy was complaining about the horrible air, high winds, and nasty surroundings. Lets just say i told him whats up. Can you see the mountains? Check. Are the paint ball gangs here? No. Is the trash picked up? Yes. Can you ride these trails? No.

Grafitti in action: This is sorta funny and ghetto. I was walking to the bathrooms by the softball field and much to my suprise, i saw grafitti being created. Now i always thought this happened at night, by street light and created by ex-cons, always male. But no. It was 1 pm. A "girl" and her son were standing behind the bleachers with a huge expo marker, making signs on the top seat. The boy was asking his mother if he was making the letters the correct way and they headed over to tag the drinking fountain. I just looked down and walked into the bathroom. She had big hoop earings, i know what those mean. She could probably throw down and wouldnt hesitate to do it in front of her proginy.

Trohpies that WIN: I give Team Southridge a HUGE thumbs up, you guys are winners, award. I get really tired of lame around the neck awards or plastic monstous things. Now once again, dont think i am cocky. i race against 4-10 people most of the time so the podium isnt a long shot.

For yesterdays event, i got a WInners Jersey!!! Stamped with "Fontana 2007 race winner" front and back. I will make sure NOT to wear it riding through Rialto or anywhere else for that matter that may have a territory war going on.

Then, there was a set of ODI grips. BRIGHT GOLD!!! What more would i ever want?? They were all placed neatly in the Holy Grail, i mean a really big mug/cup/challis thing that is the best EVER!! I am actually being serious, and i will post pictures of them soon.

Sponsor of the day: I could not have done it without these guys:

1. Pedialyte: I drink 1-2 of these two days prior to an event. I usually split it with water, but i think it helps keep me hydrated and avoids awful things like hypernetremia - again.

2. The Reese's Fast Break: Excellent the day before and after the race. NEVER during or right before, stupid idea. but at 270 calories of pure goodness, you really cant go wrong!

Some people are WAY nicer than me: Sarah Kaufmann, from Rauring Mouse is great. She was second place yesterday and gave me quite the run for my spot. I had seen that she was registered, but her name was a new one so i googled her (duh). I figured out she is quite the endurance racers competing in 8-24 hour events. And doing well. Uh-oh. On lap one, i was about 12 seconds ahead of her and i dropped my chain. I had to stop to fix it. i started flippen out (in my head) Thinking i was about to lose the lead blah blah blah. She stopped. She asked if i was ok. She waited for me to start again, she never went passed me. Now, if i was to take a poll of all the racers i know, i would guarentee that about 99.2% of you would ride by, wish me luck, and kick up a rooster tail of dust. Not the case. If she had passed me, who knows what would have happened, but i do know that she is very classy and quite the racer.

We had a guest!: Mary Ellen ASh stayed with us up here in the woods. The pets liked her and she liked the pets, so that is a very good thing!! I totally let the house explode, vowing to do no dishes or laundry folding over the weekend. sorry about that! But it was a fun time!


Anonymous said...

Nice job out there as always. Very tough race. My legs went on strike 5 minutes into lap 3. I agree very nice people out there. When I was playing in the dirt all 7 times, no one ran me over.

But anyway you are doing a great job.

Veeze Price said...

i would have roosted ya!:) Just playing good job

Sarah K said...

Thanks Joy! That was really fun - chasing you around and around, I mean. See you out there again.