Thursday, May 3


Many of you know i have an older brother who is a Cat 3 roadie out of Boulder, CO. Pretty the sole person i blame for getting me into this mountain biking problem we call racing. Now this has been a very long winter for him and his wife Suzanne as i have mentioned in previous posts.

This past sunday, as we were having our weekly "how many hours did you ride today and how bad was the heat or how deep was the snow" conversation, he dropped the "I am doing a stage race this weekend" line. Well, i am doing a NMBS race this weekend.

So i get on line as usual to check out his results at THE TOUR OF THE GILA which is just this MONSTER of an undertaking in New MExico.

TT: Day one
18TH PLACE (out of 73!!!!!!) JEREMY DUERKSEN BLUE SKY VELO 2:23 min off the leader. For some reason i was under the belief that he doesnt train any more. hmmm. then i thought well he has a solid mountain biking background, and mtn bikers do well at tt...

RR: Day two
13th place!!!!!!!! out of 71!! 4:59 off the front. He is sitting pretty in 14th place GC!!! I am so excited, but i dont have his phone number or Suzannes to call them and get the play by play recap (he sucks at those though, probably because he is a boy and my sister and i took all the talking time when we were small) and tell him out AWESOME he is!!!

Hopefully he is sleeping or watching ROCKY BALBOA right now to get him all amped up for day 3 of the 5 day race. That is a very, long, event!!!

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Christie said...

CONGRATS JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!