Wednesday, May 30

'Cause that's How I Roll

I did this fantastic update about some bike rides, and you just can't make everyone happy. Seems to be the story lately, you are too early too work, no wait, i think you were too late! You rode a bit too fast in your race, or, hmm, that was actually a bit too slow for the status quo. Now on that last post, i just wasn't keen enough to mention two other warriors of the woods: Silent Ed and Uncle Greg.

ed: I call him Gone in 60 Seconds, because he was. He is a super fast local who has sworn off racing, i believe, and just wrips up single track. He also cut out early to go live normal life.

uncle greg: Now he was "UPSET" at the lack of a mention in the blog. he has been on a "hiatus" from serious riding, so maybe that is why i neglected the name drop. Or, maybe it was the fact that he started a good 5 miles UP the road from us, making Ed chase him, who was chased by Matt for the reason that Matt was somewhat waiting for me, and i was chasing all of them. OR, it could be he was riding in Stealth T Brown All black, so i just didn't realize he was there. I did see him when he got a flat and was sitting in 7 Oaks and stopped waiting for me and talking about things in his garage. Please note this was unintentional but will probably happen again, to someone somewhere.

Things off the Bike are WAY more interesting than On the Bike:

DOZER PEED ON MY LEG. The pets like to cruise around the mountains in the Jeep, hanging their heads and catapulting slobber all over the car and infesting their fur into the interior. We got home the other day and "Happy Helpers" were trimming all the trees on the road. As soon as i opened the car door, the pets bolted to their unsuspecting friends. I lunged for them, landing a lucky grab getting both their collars in my hands. At that precise moment, Dozer was being manly and was on track to marking a large pine cone in the driveway. MY leg got in the way and i received quite the shower from about my knee down. I had no choice but to hold tight and stomp up the driveway pulling both pets with me, squishing in my flops, and kicking up dust clouds that quickly molded into a paste of pee-dust on my leg. I called Jason at work. He could do nothing to help me. He actually laughed at me. I hate it when people laugh at me.

Old News, Big Accomplishments:
Charlie from work took an hour and a half off his Breathless Agony time. He said it was because he didn't cramp and slept a lot before. Good to know!

Denise Monaham (i spelled that wrong) won some swimming events at her first home meet!!

I helped out at a Mom and Daughter mountain bike clinic with Tonya Bray Way back on Mothers Day our in Calabasas! Super cool with 10 year olds and their moms, and 30 year olds and their moms! They learned to ride down stairs, bunny hop, ride up a hill, and were able to eat some really great food!!


Matt said...

Adam, Art, Eric, Van, Robert, Dozer, Jason & I were wondering why you bolded Uncle Greg and Silent Ed's names and not ours?

Joy said...

UGHH!! SEE?!?! ha