Wednesday, June 6

This is How They Feel

While we pedal our little souls out, the spectators look a lot like this. My Grandparents and parents and in laws for that matter, came to watch me race at Firestone a few weeks back. It made me feel REAL bad because it was so hot, so late in the day, and SOOOO boring. But they were awesome and Jason did a stellar job at the feed zone. Except he looked like nature wearing brown and khaki, so my teammate Ed the single speeder almost missed him!
My Dad is a professional photographer, so i would come spinning around a corner and there his giant lens would be and my mom was doing half-jacks (cheater jumping jacks) beside him yelling "yippee Joy." (This is true) My dad recently got part of his luggage stolen in either Mozambique or South Africa the part that went missing were the dozens of cables and chargers for ALL his equipment and computers. Over $500 worth and many hours of searching in stores and online for the goods.

What else:
1.) I drive with the windows down. A GIANT bee slammed into my car door, ricochet directly into my nose where it took a 90 degree turn, landing in my lap. I had to scoop it up, fluttering wildly and throw it out the window.
2.) Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, er, summer. Free lunch at Mexican restaurant with coworkers, quick check of the office for snacks and clothes (i found my crocs too) and then off on a bike ride. This is why i get paid the small bucks.

3.) A few updates from Boulder and Blue Sky Velo and Jeremy...the brother
Jeremy raced the IronHorse Classic a few weeks back! On the big long ride that follows the train, he got 16th and $60, whats up with that?!! He also sprinted for 7th in the crit, and promptly ran DIRECTLY into the barrier of hay, taking some other guy out too because the rest of the pack was swooping around the corner he MISSED that he had just ridden about 45 times. oy.

Tour of Gila Pics: Back when in New MExico - This is Suzanne being the best sag wagon ever. I hope that is my brothers leg...who is to tell. Jeremy said she gave everyone on the team full leg rub downs after every race. Something to look into. I think Greg Pleiss, maybe? Or Marius, just keep an open mind.

Jeremy in center, with his homies.

Total Chick race here, i think their teammate is in this picture. But i simply posted it for the fact that there is a boy lodged in the stack of tires to the left. Awesome.

Suzanne killin' it on her cruiser bike, at night!

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