Monday, June 18

I Have Nothing To Say

And the LIES continue...

I have logged onto my blog at least three times today without writing a single word. Now i will make a near futile attempt to cultivate interest in the reader to continue doing just that. Reading my blog.


1. I have no photos. I can not find my camera, and i have no desire to search the net for things pertaining to my thoughts.

2. I am hungry. My interest is in only one spot...snacks

3. I think there may be other people with more interesting lives than mine

A Flit and a Flutter

About twice a week i scour my home for the loose change husband Jason has hidden, chucked on the floor, or sent through the washing machine. This is my coffee money, thus very important. Once it is found, i put it in a ziplock, then go to the coffee shop for an Iced Coffee. (You know you have "arrived" when you walk through the door and they say "Your iced coffee is ready, Slim B - that is an entire other story, the slim b part). ANYWAYS, if i LOOSE this loot or a single dollar bill, i flip out. i must find it and i will waste precious time looking for it.

Christie lost a $50 BILL. That was where i was going with that. we were packing the bikes in Deer Valley and a fidy was part of a payment for lodging. she placed it down on the ground next to her phone and that was that. About 20 minutes later, she wanted it, as did i, and it was GONE. Things got chaotic, sorta ugly you know. i started walking around, to look like i was doing something. Katerina Nash (a mountain biking wonder, who just won a race, and i told her she was "cool" - what is this, '85?) was dumping out a big barrel of water and it was running down towards our bike boxes. the allure of the stream pulled me closer, and there it was, with a flit and a flutter, it would have been gone. it was nessled in some tall grasses, blowing in the stiff wind. the bill was found. ANd that is about as exciting as it gets.


Shelli, is super cool. She is also now a Doctor of Physical Therapy (whats up with that?) and needed some gifts. i got her one HERE please check it out, it is REALLY Cool! (i got christie one for her bday too) But her Family got her one HERE. That is SOOO COOL!! There are some people who ride because they can, not because they are on fancy stuff. That is Shelli. Beware ladies, shelli's new bike is going to tear you apart. She has not gotten a new one in YEARS. the one she has been racing on is a HAND-ME-DOWN from a cousin as were the SHOES!! It may have even been a steel frame hardtail, but she shreds the down hill like a pro. I am afraid to see what she does to the trail on a dual suspension ride! If you can not tell, i am pretty stoked about this one!!


We (Christie, Matt and Joy) met up with (Romolo, Carolyn, Ely, Nigel and Sean) oy that is a full condo!!! In Park City UT for round 4 of the NMBS. This is the first race at elevation, where the mountain folk start to come out of the woods, so to speak. The venue is always great, although last year i was afraid, scared, intimdated, and inexperienced. This year the worked seemed to pay off. Lining up with the largest field ever, things were at a high level of expectation. I was able to push to the front with Maureen (the Sleeper from Phoenix who wore a Curious George Jersey, who know is sportin a nice team bike and wearing the Vanderkitten goods! Congrats on THAT) we were able to shake third, but faught the good hard fight to get away from each other!! I guestimate that i was holding a 48 second lead heading into the last 2 kilometers, then my drivetrain rebelled. i think we all know the sounds and the feelings and the emotions of begging and pleading with the machine to work for just a few more minutes!! As the the chain sucked itself up by the bottom bracket i had to STOP and pull it out. Then there she was, and there she wasn't! She ended up in first by 7 seconds. Almost as long as a Bull Ride at the Rodeo. Now I know how those cowboys feel. BUT, i was not disheartened! I have never raced that hard for so long and been pushed to that SPOT!! Maureen and i did our cool down together, chatted about sponsors and next year and how each of us were totally amazed at the other ability and our ability to stay with the other one! A truly rewarding day!!


Meggan said...

You are sure kickin' butt this season - as usual! I love reading your stories-you put a smile on my face!

Christie said...

i guess i should have just given you the 50 bux bill eh? ;)

Sarah K said...

Thanks Joy. Congrats on another strong race - sorry to hear about the mechanical.

Paige said...

this blog made me laugh...out loud. and that takes talent.