Tuesday, June 26

Successfully Failing

First Day on The Job:

LOST: One sock
FORGOT: Goggles for swim lessons, swim trunks, flip flops

I feel as if i have worked an 8 hr day on the field chasing junior high kids. but in fact, it has just been me, two pets, and an eight year old. something odd happens when you add a human as big as one of my legs to the mix. Laundry somehow quadruples, dishes pile, and random items become missing or found for that matter.

With the extra laundry, my pinky hurts. This is because in order for the spin cycle to work, i have to open the lid, hold the spinner thing with one hand and stick my pinky into the hole that makes it actually spin. Then hold on for dear life, hoping that it wont knock over the Oxyclean again. (Sorry again Mr. Freeman, for filling my trainer with oxyclean, then putting it in the back of your non-van with suspect white powder.)

I feel like i haven't ridden a bike in about 8 days, but it has actually only been 36 hours. But, i need to retrieve a new seat and front wheel from two seperate locations that just seem too far away.

I found a camera, actually i found three. So on my next adventure, where ever that may be, i will be well equipped to add some photos.

Until then, laundry, dishes, sweeping, organizing and perhaps a brief cat nap on the futon are in order.

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