Thursday, June 28

Smack Talkers Beware...

We, the contingency of SoCal mountain bikers known as Jose O Therapy (Team Jose Ole combined with Pass Physical Therapy) have come up with an idea to fight the ever growing plague of hate talk via the internet.

A rundown of the board memebers is to follow, just be sure to know that i will be in sales, because i talk, a lot...

Fresh Memo From President and Founder Matt Freeman:
"I just thought of a brilliant financial opportunity for us. We start a business that teaches people Internet Tact. The internet has given everyone a forum that used to not exist. It used to be, if you wanted to say something to the world, you'd wear a sandwich board with your message and stand on a street corner or you'd stand in the town square and yell, "Here ye, here ye!" Now, anyone can say anything they want, uneditted, and somewhat annonomyously. We could call the company, "Web Tact-ics" or something gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) like that. Who's in?"

I have also been told that the Jeep will be the company vehicle, it is shiny and stands out.

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Matt said...

Like you don't even know.