Tuesday, June 26

Photos, for those who do not read, or who find me bland

Flying Pet

Is This White Trash???

Kid Implements

Giving Some Love to a Neglected Friend (and the "NEW" blue subaru behind it!!)

For Sale FOR REAL!! DO NOT talk to any perspective buyers and tell them what is REALLY under the hood!!

I am really hungry, but the oven/stove make the house really hot. Option one and only: Eat a 3 day old omlette. I think i will go for cereal.

Feeding Time, and i hold the prize!

It doesn't "look" that bad...

Doing some racing in Deer Valley, UT

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vanessa said...

I throw my riding stuff in the dryer. Roger lectures meall the time, so maybe I will put up a clothes line in our front yard. Our very conservative neighborhood will love it