Friday, June 29

Tooth Update

Way back when i lied about getting my teeth fixed. I had an appointment. I walked in, told the receptionist i was not mentally and emotionally up to it, and walked out. 2.5 months later, i decided it was go time. Last thursday i sped down the hill for the 5th face numbing experience.

The vineers needed to pulled off again, which required three shots that made my lip look all Hollywood with collagen, for free. My nose was numb, so i think it ran on the dentist's hand.

Since the product was completely bonded to what barely remains of my teeth, the amount of torque and force to get them off kept pulling my head off the chair and banging it back down. The taste of blood was all too familiar from my last mid-ride nose bleed.

Then the big fake uni-tooth got slapped on. One tooth that looks like three, that is awesome. They contain a slight yellow hue, and one of them has lost a corner to a spoon.

I decided that i like Juice it Up better than Jamba Juice because it is cheaper, the lines and shorter, the workers not so "I'm Cool" and the parking much easier to come by.

The teeth will stay put, hopefully, until August 1st. Then the real deal will be put on. They wanted me to do it the week between National Champs in Vermont and another National in North Carolina, but i said i could not bear the stress and the trauma.

So far, they feel ok. I can't feel the wind like usual, and cold drinks are ok. But, Timber gave me a solid head-butt at the precise location of the unitooth, making them feel loose, and super sore.

And that's that. Things could always be worse, that's is the truth.

For those of you SoCal mountain bikers, check out the "Fitness With Lupus" blog to the right. Bruce M has gone down hard and bad in Colorado. Send them some love.

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Christie said...

i believe i was probably there with you during one of your last mid-ride nosebleeds!