Monday, June 11

Dude, i work here

I need to be brief. The lack of structured work has forced me to delve into projects i usually avoid and waste half my day away. my little mind has been churning for hours and a plethora of verbage could be dispelled onto this post. But i will stay strong, and just do a wee one!

GYM: The turnover of ill-qualified trainers at LA FITNESS where i work is astounding. I have been there over 4 years, many of them only 4 weeks. Today, as i was exiting post class, a trainer pulled me aside and the conversation went something like this: "I see you are very dedicated and just wanted to let you know if you ever need a trainer, some extra help, i am here. just ask." I just looked at him thinking: Dedicated to what? Sometimes showing up at 5:30am to teach spin? Or to working out? BUt i don't "work out" or even lift weights right now. What could he even offer me. I am a trained professional. Ok, so i just teach PE. So i replied, well, i am a competative mountain biker and my coach has me on a strict plan, so i think i will be fine. And, do you know i work here?

Someone reminds me of TUMNUS. Have you ever had the horrid feeling while someone is telling you something oh so important, that you are about to explode with laughter because you finally, after milliseconds of brain churning thought, realize who they remind you of? I had one of those today, and this is who they reminded me of:

This is a direct quote from the coach regarding my latest training update. I think i need a hobby.

"Yo Joy
always an entertaining read - your head must be fun to be in!!!"

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Christie said...

HAHAHA i am laughing so hard about G's comments.