Wednesday, May 16

I found some things online

ACMA'S: Last night a pivotal event was held celebrating Country Music Legends and newcomers. I sure hope you watched it, Tivo'd it, or will have already ordered the leather-bound box set. This is Montgomery Gentry, duh. I really like their outfits, especially the skull detail paired with big hat. The gallery of photos is amazing, the outfits cunning and well thought out. Levi's with white shirt, black ten gallon hat. Small dress with lace up boots. Great Combo!! Sometimes i wear hats, but only outside.

Jason has a hat, but i made him stop wearing it unless he is hiking on the TICK trail, so he wont get ticks.
Speaking of Ticks, I hope Carrot Top checks his head well before he goes to bed. He is looking a little top-heavy in the bicep area, dont you think? I always thought of him as more scrawny and sinewy than this shot. Also, he could develop his quads more too.

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M.E. said...

wow, that is an ugly guy. who would wear such an outfit??
Unfortunately I missed the fabulous ACMA. Anything exciting happen?