Tuesday, May 8

Go Protect a Trail

Most people talk a dumpster full of trash about the mountain bike scene in the Inland Empire. But they don't live here. Ye haw for them for living in such pristine and wonderfully environmentally sound communities where the single track must run to the state line and the foliage is green year round with little or no human intrusion. Good for them.

But we live here. We have decided to train in sand, dust, half-asphalt conditions that shockingly have prepared us to compete wheel-to-wheel with the above mentioned trail warriors. Oh yes, did i forget about the dozens of mile of single track network that i can ride to from my house and sneak up on deer, snakes, bear, mountain lion, fox, and bobcats. Or were they sneaking up on me? People are so quick to dismiss an entire region without being educated about it. Better for i guess, they can go shred their own pine needles.

The little we do have is precious, and it is being encroached on.

Thursday May 10th 6 PM Loma Linda Civic Center Community Room
Town meeting regarding the land in and around Hulda Crooks Park.
Be there. If not to say anything, at least to know why giant earth movers could in fact soon be moving the earth you call a trail.

New trails are being cut in the Crafton Hills as we speak. Although 57 family sized homes are being built at the base of the hill, the Crafton Nature Conservancy has worked hours with the developer to protect the land and the animals and to allow for only minimal development. Go thank a park worker.

PRized Possession
My dad sent me this picture, i think it is from Ecuador. He had sent me a picture of a "bike shop" in Africa but i cant find it. This gentleman only has this bike. He travels all through the country side doing his work, on his bike. He has probably never thought about the height of his seat, the weight of the tubes in his tires or whether or not to use tubes for that matter. But check out his smile. THAT is why i ride bikes!!

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