Friday, April 27

Oh the Tears

I have no time for this post as i am juggling three loads of laundry, dishes, car packing and clothes folding. BUT, people always comment about my odd KEEN flip flops and ask what the point is. THIS is the point:

I was carrying a load of freshly dried laundry up the earthen steps which have no symmetry or similarity to each other, causing me to mis-judge the height of the next one and tag it with my two toes. IF i had spent the extre 48 seconds looking for the flops on the left instead of grabbing the first pair of matching flops, i would have been saved. Since i was carrying a precious load that could not be dropped in the dirt, i just kept plodding along. Now i have to cut my toe nail too short since some of it broke off and i also have to cut a flap of skin off the end of my toe.

Earlier today, when the dogs got out and i was chasing them in my CROCS through ungroomed forest, i flipped a stick up with my toe and cut my shin open with the other end of it. Yet again, i stayed strong and continued my quest of catching the pets. I could hear the neighbor shooing them away and the anger of the 5 dogs behind us that are behind cold, steal fences. MAybe we should invest...