Friday, April 6

Nothing, but a good time

Oh sorry, that is my ring tone right now. i actually went to one of their concerts in college, with Winger and Cinderella. Anyways...

I thought i just broke my toe and that everyone should know.

i was briskly walking to the front office here at work, when my left foot went about 4 degrees off the sidewalk and tagged the top of a sprinkler that hadn't fallen back into its slot after it did its watering. The immediate consequence was a deluge of water spraying everywhere as the broken sprinkler head rocketed up into the air. Of course i looked down to see why i almost kissed asphalt, so my face received the brunt of explosion.

Good times.

Off for a ride, hopefully not by any sprinkler heads. Speaking of the little Devils, my frined Haley broker her face, literally on one in Peru on new years eve a few years back. reconstructive surgery and all, i think i am going to use a hose, or better yet, not own anything that actually requires watering.

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