Saturday, April 14

Domestic Disturbance

RED: For some reason, all our bikes are red! The Sugar is out with a coworker/friend who got both their bikes stolen, thus, need some wheels. But it is red too! Jason hates red, but he really likes purple, but i dont want a purple bike. BUt TREVOR is selling his purple RIG, if you want it. Don't make fun of my earthen garage either.
LITTLE LOVERS: It looks like Timber has a lazy eye, but i just woke him up, thats all. Yes, they are allowed on the Futon, with a pillow and blanket. What can i say...
THE DOMESTIC PART: i did a deap clean yesteday. 7 loads of laundry. 4 loads of dishes (I am the dishwasher) all floors and surfaces cleaned extensively. THus the yellow gloves. My hands were beginning to resemble Jasons construction man-hands, and that is just NOT right. I also had ALL windows open to avoid exfixiation.
REALITY CHECK: Although i feel invinsible, this past week i have been walking on the dark side. The extensive training hours and exposure to numorous illness harbored in the grimmy hands and faces of middle school children, i succumed to a head cold. Now out of all these products that i have been dousing my system with, the only thing that cut the fever and cleared the nose was the following concoction:
Im not even joking. Try it, trust me, right when you starting feeling it come on, and it will clear you up in a heart beat.
I only lost a day and a half of stealth training, so now it is on!
BBQ's: The summer kitchen is ready to go!!

Just like a kid: Jason and Wee Man

Now it is probably obvious that i am erring on the bored side of things. I slept over 11 hours last night, ate a lot of fruit and wholesome carbs. My illness has subsided, but it sure made for 4 bad days. I had to run/chaperone/control/cater the Jr/Sr Non-Prom for my school. It was more labor intensive than my wedding reception. I ended up putting my nice pants one while wearing my sneakers and Sea OTter sweetshirt (in memory of those duking it out this weekend) the whole night, while everyone else was dressed in their formal best. We were outside at a home with 50sih weather and high winds. Can you imagine what that does to a chocolate fondue fountain?
So it was a really good idea to not go to Sea Otter. I had forgotten, sorta, about the non-prom which sent my stress level extra high with very long work hours and extra things to do. To say the least, i would have been a basket case on the road today.
Christie and Shelli have been calling me with updates from the Otter. As we speak, it is raining as Shelli contemplates not pre riding. I think that Christie is in the middle of the pro womens short track, hopefully that mud isnt as deep as last year. I have been dutifully checking results, calculating times and differences, and making assumptions as to where i would have finished. Pretty sure i would have won. Just kidding, who ever really knows. But there are a lot of the same racers as in Phoenix, so nothing really shocking has come up, actually all my pre-event predictions are ringing true. Scary.
Off to walk the dogs, then maybe later on, like 5pm, ride my BIKE!!!!!

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