Thursday, April 26

One Down

I finished a book, all on my own. The Skinny B has been completed. This book talks issues spanning from animal cruelty in the slaughter houses to the difference between Stevia and Splenda. A lot of cool ideas were proposed, and a few that either i don't get or i need to investigate more. The basis of the book was to read the labels and to actually understand what the ingredients are and what they do to your body!!

So here are my questions from the book:

1.) The book said to only eat three meals a day, small ones. What about the 5 meal plan?
2.) The authors said to wait to eat until you are starving. I thought that was bad??
3.) Minimal protein
4.) They did not discuss exercise until page 192, and very briefly. And when they did discuss it, it was to "have fun and move around." for me, that doesn't cut it!!

I think that is it....

I just spent 30 minutes searching myspace, linking to all my students and ex-students. Very traumatizing and eye-opening!!!

New Book: Eat To Live: the Revolutionary Formula for Fast and sustained weight loss

And NO, i don't think i need to lose weight and i am not flipping out aobut body fat 5, BMI, or pant size!! But, i want to stream line my nutrients, really know what is in everything i eat, and figure out how what to eat for the most benefit. i have been feeling lethargic and "heavy" and i know that i could clean out the system and put better stuff in.

i will let you know if i find any secrets!!!