Friday, April 20

Whose the Powder Puff NOW

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY: Yesterday, while at the bike shop, a parishioner asked me the following question.:

"So you race mountain bikes? Well when do you develop your cardio?? Do you have to go to the gym for that??"

Um, no. I go to the gym to get huge, which cyclists actually shouldnt do, so then i just one million ab things in an attempt to avoid future abdominal tears.

Is raining/snowing: When i brought Tim-Tam inside from 'doing his business' this morning, his fur was speckled with snow. This is where the Powder Puff comes in. I am supposed to ride about 1.5 hours today (i can't tell you what i am doing, but just assume i am keeping my HR at 33% of max) but it is cold and raining here in Redlands, and snowing and really foggy up in the woods. So decisions need to be made. Do i ride the trainer? probably. There are racers from Colorado and the east coast who are cool enough to boast a Zero Tolerance For trainer hours. So does that make me weak? Thin-skinnd? A powder puff? probably. But i am ok with that, plus i could watch some pretty killer moves while on trainer.

THE TOOTH FROM THE UNDERWORLD: my tooth turned grey/blue again. I was supposed to have it taken out 2 weeks ago, but told my dentist friend that i was afraid, and wanted to wait. AFter months of a lot of pain, nerves on edge at all times, and teeth aching just from a slight breeze, they seem to have finally "healed" (it just looks rotten) so that i really wanted 3 weeks of pain-free riding and eating. But today, the cycle must begin again. I am taking my iPod for the event, i dont want to hear a thing. I know exactly what is going to happen and i dont really want the play-by-play going through my head.

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