Tuesday, April 24

Movie Review


I like true stories.

I feel that anyone remotely involved in education should watch this movie because it encompasses the reality of our children. The system that i teach in is privilaged, but that is not to say that the individuals sitting in the gym have not come from pain and have not endured more horrific experiences in their 14 years of life than i have in my 27. This movie high lights the ignorance of many educators, but it also exposes what can actually happen when one becomes invested in their work and their children. Not to say that i am going to begin freely giving of my time, but it will make me look at things with a much different view. So should i try to get relocated to San Bernardino or Oakland? I don't know, but i think i may have found a cause and a foundation worth investing some time, spirit, and resources in.

Civic duties are being pushed these days and the media is running wild with the atrocities afar. But what is happening in our own zip codes and driving routes? What about the kids at the bus stop who actually slept there? We don't even know and that is sad. The problem is where and how to start - i have to educate myself. What is the drop out rate in my county? What about pregnancy? Abortion? Drug abuse? What about in my school? But it is private school they say, the untouchables. That can make it even worse.

Before i stress about the fact that i accidently bought a size 9.5 sneaker instead of a 9.0, maybe i should smile at a kid. Sometimes, that is the only fleeting form of true affection they will receive.

Not to be odd, but you should watch the movie. And it is true. That makes it even better!!!! And only a few bad words, and they help with the emotional context.

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