Tuesday, April 10

We need a maid

So i know i am OCD and love to clean, organize, and reorganize, but as of late, Jason and i have let things fall through the floor. And not the literal through the floor in the form of the non-trap door in my closet. But come on, two pets, 4 bikes to clean and house, no dishwasher, two people that work full-time and no live-in children to assign chores to. Does any one want to work with food as your pay??? I will let you play with Timber too...only when you have completed your chores though.

SEA OTTER OR BUST....then i'm busted: this coming weekend i am not making the pilrimage up north to the Fabelled Sea Otter Classic. as the event grew closer, the memory of distain i have for the event and the multiple vows to never return become more vivid. LASt year was fun because Jason and Uriah went, and they got to go to the Acquarium and Sea Kayaking. It was fun. But i missed the STXC race and got pulled from the XC event only to return home after 1am covered in mud. Not to say i have not enjoyed the event in previous years or that i would not love to attend and compete there this year. But i have to look at the BIG gigantic picture of the season and realize i need to fly to Vermont and North Carolina in the future, so maybe save some chump change. I also had a problem in that i could not leave home until sometime on Saturday, making it quite the shot gun event.

However, since we all know i am a social butterfly, i am going to totally miss meeting up with old friends and making new ones!

Best of luck to all of you who are going up there to race or watch. Keep me posted on like an hourly basis. And remember, it is just a race, one small weekend mixed in with a thousand others.

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