Saturday, August 23

While we were going about our business...

Carrie and Malora are STILL hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. They were in Idyllwild over Cinco de Mayo, and now they have reached Oregon. By foot.

Hello Everyone,

This will have to be short and sweet because I only have 5 minutes on the computer.

Malora and I successfully made it to Oregon about a week and a half ago. It was an amazing feeling to cross that border. But of course in true Oregon style about 3 days after the border we had 3 days of rain and thunderstorms.

Enough cold and wet weather to make us realize how truly miserable it can be when the sun is gone. Wet socks, shoes, pants, sleeping bags. And with all of this wind and rain the mosquitos were still thriving.

Currently we are in Bend, OR. Just off Santiam Pass where we reached mile 2000.9. We will stay at Big Lake Youth Camp tonight and hit the trail in the morning. Nice and early. We are doing 25 miles with ease now. And 30 if we don't have too many hot drinks in the morning. We still love our food, thanks Sandy. But honestly it is a chore to eat 4000-5000 calories a day. We love the food but are sick of eating.

We should hit Washington this week in about 6 days or so. Then finish in Canada hopefully in the 3rd week of september. After this weeks rain the idea of slacking until the autumn chill arrives doesn't sound that appealing. There is already a bite in the air. It keeps us moving. With all this beautiful scenery around we are thankful to be out of smoke filled skies that gave us the blues through Northern Cali. Off to a burger joint in Sisters, OR to down some calories and then a hitch to camp and off to bed.



Hey Joy, its me Mr obvious on the tuesday night ride. Good job out there! The guys said I could find ya on your site, so I did and just want to say how stupid I feel for commenting about your tricycle (no class). Sorry my bad! c-ya out there again.

JOY said...

no worries! i have it and i have white shorts, no biggy. but i like to call it a Big Wheel.