Wednesday, August 13

The will to Yack

I would totally puke on the bike. If i had to. At like the national championships or something of that nature. But, would i at the Tuesday Night Championships? Mmmm, well no.

For some reason, i felt awful last night. My legs were dialed, but not much else was. I felt like i was racing red-lined at altitude, yet i was chasing anoynymous Health Net riders down. I was so close to puking, i didn't know if i could actually stop my bike when it happened and wondered if i would just get it all over myself, or how many guys i could get it on. I was over it. When i sat up, i could probably have walked faster. But no big thing.

Of course i stayed out of the way of the "racers" but one came by super close, so i just ducked into the dirt to the side of the road. No big thing. She YELLED at me, as loud as she could "IT'S NOT A MOUNTAIN BIKE" Um. Ok. Funny thing coming from one of the only other females out there, who i met mountain biking.

It would have been so much cooler if i had puked just then.


Backin1980 said...

I was wondering why you were rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

I did not throw my bike last night contrary to popular belief.

JOY said...

we were going to give you a 4.5 for the throw. the trajectory was flat and the loft was low. you explanation of not throwing it makes perfect sense now.