Tuesday, August 5

Way to ride it out Bro'

um. i'm a girl.

But thanks for the props.

I was about a millimeter away from my first road wreck tonight and somehow, while bobbling and bouncing, half clipped in, i pulled it out.

I ended up with a nice bruise to my right calf. Rude.

And the most severe chain-suck i have ever seen. Two grown men (who called me "mam" - what is that) both pulled and pushed and kicked it to no avail. One of them crashed when he stopped to help me. the other one crashed when he left me. i was not within 20 feet of either of them. i felt super bad.

At least Carolyn was in town on my MTB so we got to kick it for a lap and finish off with some pizza with Josh, Trevor, Jamie and Joey. But they just make fun of me.


Dustin said...

You seem to get hurt.. a lot.

and the "mam" thing, there really isn't anything else you can call a woman when you're trying to be polite.. unless you know their name.
"Girl" is demeaning, cause you're not a girl, you're a woman. "Woman" brings up images of like.. "get me a sandwich woman!", and "Lady"... just... doesn't sound right

Julene said...

Dustin, you are funny! Over here everyone refers to any female they do not know or who is in a position of authority (ie teacher) as "Miss". I thought it was rude at first but now it's funny! I thought my students had forgotten my name!!! But no, it's polite!