Monday, August 11

It was fun last weekend, so why not go for round 2

Big Bear Lift Runs #2
This weekend was Carolyn's birthday! (second from right!) She is well, fast. Put it this way. at the National races, she beats me by about 15 minutes. And birthdays are fun, so we do fun or epic things on birthdays!Jesse took the pic, of course. Matt and Trevor, well, they are trying to stay true to their purest ways, rode their one-speeds with one shock and did some horrid ride back to Redlands through the woods.

Us gals and Jesse, on the other hand, did over 10 runs!!

And yes, i usually look like i am having the most fun. I probably am having the most fun.
Here's the proof that i hung up the hardtail for the adventure. Riding this thing make my bike feel like a pin-ball machine. Healing, yup. Over 3 weeks into scar control, and here we have it.

I also laced up the sneakers for the first time since June.

I am back to work!!


Christie said...

i like the variety of team jerseys represented there! just needed a K&N or BVB in the mix!!

NEXT TIME i.e for YOUR BDAY i will be there for the ride!

Chrissy said...

Hey Joy!

Looks like you gals are having a blast! When are you coming up to Northstar to hit the big stuff up here?? Hope you're having a great summer and hopefully we'll see you up here in the Sierras sometime soon!