Monday, August 4

New Leaves

This week was supposed to be a rest week. I think what that means is that the bikes should stay in the garage, and me inside the house or in the pool or in bed. I got confused somewhere along the way and broke all the rules.

FRIDAY: Adam (Crash Adam) and I hit up Idyllwild

point of the mission: Succesfully take 10 13 year old boys into Hurkey Creek park to ride some single track.

We had some hurldes: 10 REALLY DIRTY Trek 4300 mountain bikes. word is they have not been cleaned for 8 weeks. and they have been ridden multiple times a day. suspect, very suspect. We took some tools, rags, and a bike stand. Here is Adam, busy at work.

I like to get my protein from Egg Whites. Paige, and well Christie and Shelli and Matt and Trevor all FREAK OUT because i will fry my eggs and eat them 30 minutes to 5 hours later. This here is 4 egg whites that I kept in my cooler. YUM.

The beginning of the ride

The middle of the ride - lessons on Chain Suck
Before lunch. We had a long talk about this one. Very long...

NEW LEAF: I had a Camelbak and Baggy shorts on. Have never ever worn baggies and all my camelbaks are in storage and probably rotten. this was a loaner. You gotta be prepared in the wilderness with children!!
Waiting for the shuttle back to camp. the kid in the ALL BLACK,...said during lunch "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY SUMMER."

Adam and I opted out of the shuttle and hit the 3 mile road climb back to camp. The day had been really long, lots of exposure and at moderate altitude. It was hot!! About halfway to the top, mid-sentence, i stopped, put my bike down and shed the stupid baggies. If i didn't love the environment, i would have thrown them in the woods. Don't worry, i kept the other half of the shorts on!!

Needless to say, i continued my green assault friday afternoon, because i went NOWHERE!! I was exhausted!!

Saturday morning brought new trails and new companions. Shelli, Joey, Willie Stewart (you HAVE to check this guy out! He and Adam are heading to Colorado for the Leadville 100 this weekend!!) Adam and myself hit up Loch Leven and Santa Ana River Trail for some quality time. Which ended with a big, long nap at home.

SUNDAY: i almost called in sick. but Shelli had rallied some troops and the target was big bear.

New Leaf: I RENTED a 6" travel bike from Derek at Bear Valley Bikes and we bought lift tickets and rode up the lift and railed down the mountain.

I told several friends of my evil plan and they thought i was jocking. but this plan is part of an even larger plan of well, getting faster, so i had to stick to it.

I would have to say, this was the most fun i have had on a bike in months. Ely came over from Apple Valley and was in rare form. He makes huge air and nasty drops look like no big thing. He took us on trails i never even knew existed. There was a time that i pulled up to him completely freaked out, you could see my hands shaking on the handle bars! But i loved it!!!

Quote of the day: Shelli behind me on a nasty rock drop: "Joy, get off your bike. get off your bike. Get off your bike" I rode it. She said it looked horrible and really thought i would die. Pfff. Please.
She and i decided to part with the group and head back to the bike shop to get there before closing. When we split i offered my map to the others and she said JOY NO!!! Some of you know that the two of us once got lost for almost 8 hours in the San Bernardino mountains without water, maps and what-have you. we took the map, and here is the proof!! (that's for Greg and Edward!!!)

Three trail systems

Over 20 different ride partners

In 3 days

I am pretty sure, i now need a rest week.


Dustin said...

i'm with paige/christie/shelli/matt/treavor.

I saw the eggs in the picture and said to myself "... what the heck? are those eggs? ew. that's weird."

Julene said...

I'm going to send Griffyn to your bike camp one year...maybe when he gets off the training wheels?

Matt said...

What's a rest week?

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