Thursday, July 31


I smell yucky.

It's not that bad, because i am sitting at the computer. by myself. but i was just sitting at the bank.

I think the reason i swell weird is two-fold. I went up to Idyllwild today to ride my MTB with 13 year old kids at summer camp. I perspired, because it was hot, and then put my street clothes back on and sat in a hot cafeteria for lunch. then drove home in a hot car.

From their, i decided to be green for the rest of the day. Because one of the 13 year olds said this "What are you rich? you drove up here today, are going back, and coming back tomorrow?" um, no, and very good point. i am poor.

So the green theme began when i rode the city bike to the credit union. Funny thing, neighbor Leo pulled out of his driveway precisely at the same time as i did. He was in his SUV. Even funnier thing, he was parked at the curb of the Credit Union. He beat me. But i beat him on green points.

From there i went to Bank of America, because my debit card is pretty wacked. I wanted to order a new one. I had to sit in a waiting area. people looked at me weird. maybe i smelled then. or just looked unkempt. But then they tell me a new card was ordered yesterday. by who? from where? awkward!!

Then i rode the city bike home. it takes like forever on that thing.

But i have committed to riding to the Red Asphalt Ride tomorrow night. and to social security on Monday and the DMV on Tuesday. I think it will help me fit in better, burn some kcal's and save like $3.67 on gas.

I'm gonna jump in the pool.


Dustin said...

pshaw, don't let 13 year olds make you be smelly

you should have said "No, I'm not rich, but I have a car and I take advantage of that fact."

although.. I guess they do have a point. With gas and all that sense of non.

Julene said...

gross! smelly! ha ha ha well at least you don't smell like baby poo or milk or...well at least it is an odor associated with exercise!

Trevor Walton said...

You're doing it wrong.

If ya wanna be green, you hafta do like the dirty hippies, and cover up the funk with massive amounts of patchouli oil. It wouldn't hurt to get a hackie sack either. That way you'll have something to keep you enterained while waiting around at the bank.

Or is patchoulie to cover up the ganja funk?

I can never remember. I'd better get that straight, or they'll yank my dirty-hippie card.