Wednesday, July 2

Not Everyone Thinks Short Hair is Lame

Sister Julene sporting her new Mom cut. She's a mom, i ride bikes. Both are quite taxing and time consuming, thus the option for short hair is just too great to pass up.

Julene and Rouru just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary! Eesh! Although i haven't seen Sister since October 2006, i still think she is pretty cool. But i am very jealous of her homies that get to play with her kids, deal with her, i mean the kids, tirades, and well just be part of their every day life.

Maybe a trip to NZ is in store. No racing next year, no new bikes, just a plane ticket to southern hemisphere. maybe i will never come back!

She finally created a blog, so you should check it out!!


Julene said...

wow i feel so super duper special for being featured on your blog!

love you aunty joy joy

Laura said...

Yay for mom hair! I have mine like that too. I usually read your blog in my feed reader, so it was fun to see the hot photo of you up there, Joy.

Matt said...

I also got my hair cut short recently!