Wednesday, July 9


It is summer, so i squander my time. big time. I find myself rushing to get a ride in by 8PM and wondering where all the time went to fix my hair. Which had not been fixed. then spending that valuable time trying to see what in fact i have accomplished. not much.

But i am on the road to productivity. i am planning on completely revamping my Geography Curriculum for the fall - this will take me about 13 minutes, and finally completing my PE toy inventory.

I also bought a book today, and my plan of productivity is to have it read in under 2weeks. i know, i know, aim for the stars. it is 203 pages long and it is about bikes. So this could become a reality.

This is the book: ROADIE: The misunderstood world of a bike racer

If you ride bikes and have someone in your life you love, used to love, or would like to have love you, make them read this book. it will give them a better appreciation of why you are the way you are so when they run away, they have solid proof of your life-wasting antics.

The WHACKS are for all the extremely annoying people you run into while wasting daylight. If i could, i would kick them square in the neck. But i am a bike racer, so my hip flexors are pretty much seized up.

*The guy driving REALLY fast in ANY parking lot - Vons, Barnes and Noble - who gets super annoyed that you would even think of crossing the cross walk at the legal spot.

*Cars that honk at you just because you are on a bike, on the right side of the white line, single file.

*the rest of them would go for myself, but as i stated already, i can't reach there.

Things like looking for my storage unit keys for 4 days and finding them in the first place i looked on the first day.

Or doing the same thing with the locker keys for school

Or putting in my rear brake pads wrong and thinking it was broken, or something

Thinking that a drip line on plants means that water actually gets there. but if it is not hooked up to a water source... you get my drift

Now to pack a bike for the east side. Much staring, turning, jumping the box lid to get it closed and head scratching is in order.



Backin1980 said...

Not really sure why you even want to close the lid on your bike box...Some GS-5 TSA employee is just gonna rifle through your box in that eternal search to find that contra band C0-2. That's how they get to be a GS-7.

Trust me there is nothing scarier than a civil servant with a little power.

JOY said...

Yes, you are correct. i once accidentally took CO-2 through security. i had to sign a log, flight number, name, what contra band i had. it made me sweat.

Matt said...

I once had a TSA agent make me remove my shoes and since I was wearing socks with holes in the toes it was public humiliation. Gloria Aldred and I have since filed suit.

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