Monday, July 14

i don't take photos. other people do.

today i am in Albany New York at staring out the window and sometimes onto the computer screen to do some work. But since it is Shelli's computer, i have looked at a few photos on her desktop and tra-la-la, i have found myself in a few. imagine that! so we will go on a brief photo tour of Shelli's and my history of cycling with Team Jose Ole. It started a few years back, like 2004 as freaked out beginners, and has brought me all the way to New York in '08 as a freaked out Pro. I know, i should have stellar course photos, race updates of positions lost and descents fumbled, but instead, lets take a gander at the great times that have come before. or that i just found on this computer...

It may have been November, i can not really remember now, but Shelli, Cody and I did what some of my compatriots have labled a "disease ride" better known as the MS 150, Waves to Wine

I got to ride down a hill in some of the most prestine riding roads in the north

We all got to ride through some bridges, by some vineyards, and up HWY 1

We have one guy, that well, if it wasn't for him, i wouldnt be updating my blog tonight. This is Jesse. he's the man, well, he is Shelli's man, and great guy. he has sat through, walked around, and taken some killer photos of countless MTB races. And the disease ride.

These rides have a purpose you know. Cody rode the whole thing with this sign on his helmet for his dad. The gusty wind, especially along the coast, had a great time flopping his head around.

Obviously Shelli races bikes too. This is her shredding some one track in Santa Ynez. It was hot. very hot. She also likes to Scuba dive, wakeboard, and next weekend she and Jesse will hike Half Dome. what an over achiever!

Ah, Sea Otter. Contrary to popular belief, i raced there once. Shelli and i both got podiums there. In beginner class. She passed on the last climb, i was "coming apart" as only beginners can, and she beat me. We were mad at each other. just for a little bit. We have yelled at each other on the course before too. Now we laugh about it. But once i remember being very "upset" that she beat my by like a handful of seconds. Somewhere.

Please note, i still wear my pink Baby G watch. every day. and i have a lance bracelet. but i think it is a different one than the one i had in 2004. I also have about 15 inches less hair. man, that was A LOT of hair!!

Those were the good old days for sure. but i have a premonition - word of the week, i have had a few of them already - that we have many more to come.

National Championships next weekend. there could be mud, roots, rock drops, and fast girls. something that so cal is not the best at prepping you for. i can only hope!


Dustin said...

woah you kind of look like.. that one girl from little house on the prairie.

Brooke Warner said...

Wow, 4 years from beginner to pro-very impressive! When I started racing I regarded you as one of those really fast, really accomplished racers. But you must've only been a sport or something at the time. (I rudely say "only" as if being a sport racer isn't impressive, which really it very much is.) Anyways, my point is congrats on your accomplishments so far, and sorry for rambling.