Saturday, July 19

Dude, is that a Magura?

i run these pretty sweet brakes on my MTB. This is what they look like on my bike.

This here is what they look like on skin.

Yes, in fact, that is a Magura rotor. Burned into my right calf.

There are many ways this conversation can go. one being the first aid technician telling someone on the other end of the radio that they were treating a burn. Silence. Then a "what?" they must have thought i was working the BBQ grill at one of the food vendors.

we could also discuss the fact that this could be on my calf for well, ever. the blister is getting larger and larger, and will continue to do so. if i let it pop (yuck) it will get real bad (ouch) so i need to wrap it when i sleep and ride. done.

Ah, how did i do such a stupid thing?? first off, i must use my brakes. a lot.
Secondly, i was probably off my bike when i should not have been.
And yes this leads to some sort of crash or flailing about.

Where: USA MTB National Championships, Mount Snow Vermont
When: Today, lap one of three.
HOW: this course is riddled with fantastic, technical, rooty, rocky, descending single track. For the first time in 3 years i rode the whole thing and had an absolute blast. The course was lined with spectators with cowbells, horns and whistles. Pretty cool experience.

But of course, all the space i made up on the climbs, i began to lose in the descents. one girl passed me and I bobbled on a root which shot me into a tree, then onto the back of my saddle and onto the ground. All that happened was that my seat looked like a BMX seat, pointing to the starts. So i went around the bike the try and push the nose back and down when OUCH!!!! I hit the rotor and when i looked down there was SMOKE!!!! No lie!!!

By the 3rd lap i was thinking ouch some more and wondering what i had actually done. by then i was covered in mud so at the end of the race i went to the bike wash to asses my issue. The race folk said to hit up first aid, where i got bandages and what not.

the race was great, not sure where i finished but a really fun day!


Anonymous said...

You just got a free bike tatoo. Magura should sponser you for life.

But serioulsy I am getting light headed thinking about how much that hurt and it is going to continue to hurt.

I suggest some booze

Julene said...

OUCH!!! oh my sis - yes we call those Raro tattoos in the Islands when people ride the motorbikes. The people with cowbells sound like my kind of peeps - I will join them one day as you race!

Adam said...

Well I guess you now need to heat up that rotor again and complete the circle cause, that one is going to be with you for life for sure!
It also brings to mind a whole new meaning for the phrase, "Smokin"

ultra Poser said...

I have done the same with a saw blade. It will fade

Sarah K said...

We're twinsies!