Tuesday, August 19

What's funner...

Playing Laser Tag with the coworkers:

(i am really not that huge)

Watching the coworkers do karaoke:
Or racing my bike?:
Monday night 25 of my coworkers and i loaded the school bus and headed to Chino (i don't even know where that is) to play Laser Tag. we were all bugged to go, but once we got there, it was like we were in 8th grade again. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. Those girls are brutal, and had no qualms about tag-teaming me and killing me repeatedly. Maybe it was because my code name was Miffy.

But i would probably have to say racing my bike was more fun. Things fell into place for me and i had a good day with only two crashes and one small mechanical. It was awesome to have Christie and Carolyn back at a venue. I have been lonely without them!! It was cool to share the podium with them.

In other news, and this is very sad, i had to put Shelli on probation after sundays race for breaking Team Protocol. She flatted on lap 2 right near the feed zone and decided to abandon the race. To her credit, she has fixed approximately 25 flats in the last 2 weeks because her tires are so horrible. But still, we made a pact years ago that the only way we would quit a race was if there was severe blood loss or bone protruding from the skin. Nothing else. Don't worry Shelli, new tires are on the way. (Which they have been for 5 weeks...)

Actually, i take it all back. The funniest thing was people trash talking in the feed zone. Do they not know that like half of us either car-pooled there or had lunch together the next day? what goes down in the feeds usually never stays there. Rumor has it that i am as fast as i will ever be and I am done. Pfff. Its just begun.

that's all i got. Word has it school will be filled with children tomorrow. i gotta go put my game face on.


Backin1980 said...

Circle Takes The Square. Nice job on taking the center square in that photo.

Also all that possing in front of the mirror paid off. no muffin top.

Maybe you can help freeman get in the center and loose the muffin top.

JOY said...

Mark - for a second i thought you knew about my muffin top. awkward. but then i realized you were talking about my impecable podium form. Thanks for the props, on the form and choice of squares.

Justin said...

congrats on the win joy! i was heckling from the feed zone too. that is the funnest part about racing!

JOY said...

Well thank you.
But why do you think i am a has-been?

Justin said...

I never said you were a has been, don't know where you got that from. I was heckling my friend Luke.