Monday, September 1

I feel like...

  1. Racing my bike at 9,000-11,000 ft isn't that bad. Until you try to walk up three flights of strairs to the condo.

  2. Warming up for a race wearing base layer, jersey, vest, arm-warmers, and a zip up pink sweat shirt is over-kill. If i had been in the IE.
  3. 80 with a chance of a snow storm is just your average day in Southern Utah.

  4. 4 girls, 4 bikes, 4 loads of junk can in fact fit in my car

  5. 9 people in one condo makes a pretty cheap "vacation": $44 each for three nights
  6. 9 people in one condo makes for no hot water.


  • UP wearing arm warmers - i can't remember the last time i was cold

  • UP watching Matt, Maureen and Joey race Super D. (although Shelli and Jason and i sat on a cold picnic table for 45 minutes staring at the mountain side waiting for the "show"). Too bad Jamie wasn't there (down..)

  • UP working my mad Tuesday-night skills on the 28 minute road and dirt climb. At 13% with Krista and Amanda.

  • DOWN coming across Chloe Forsman, U23 National Champion , who had gotten caught in a rut and had a nasty crash. She is super cool, and super fast. I stopped and got her bike off the trail and went into first-aid mode to asses the situation. She had a NASTY gash under her right knee and would end up getting 25 stitches!! I stayed with her for probably 20 minutes or so. I tied one of her super-fancy Luna arm warmers around her knee, put her chain back on as we started to walk/ride down the trail in search of help. A fisherman was walking up the trail calling for us, since Maureen had given him the heads up. I hope Chloe is ok!

  • UP/DOWN from then on, i was in ride, not race mode. I stopped and talked to a guy suffering severely from the altitude, you know, the talk it out. I talked to another pro female who was "done" and had a flat and in no way wanted to fix it, just wanted OUT. i stopped to talk to the water station people to tell them what i had found on my reconnaissance mission. I was completely last, but i had an awesome ride, on fantastic trails in beautiful weather. That's all i need.

  • Things I Tried to Give away: 1 ) Pink polka-dot PJ tank. I tried to get Chloe to let me wrap it around her knee. i was wearing it because i was FREEZING and had no base layer! 2 ) My tube 3 ) my arm warmers 4) my bike - a guy had a bad mechanical and said he was SO tired of walking out. We were about 1.5 miles from the finish, but he wouldn't take mine. hmph.


I was cooked by the time i got out. I had missed my feeds and had no food on me. it was cold and extremely windy. i re-layered and went into the lodge where they were having awards. Larry Longo caught my eye and what ensued was the WORST, but the BEST 20 minutes of my year.

I became the PODIUM GIRL. Picture this. Helmet head. Check. Sweaty. Check. All chamied-out with layers and miss-matched sweatshirt. Check. I had leg warmers on, so they were battling with my shorts for territory, creating that "lump" that encircles even the sveltest of thighs. It was horrible. and i was in front of everyone.

It gets worse. I a giving awards to RACE WINNERS for pro men and women. OLYMPIANS!!! National champions, World-cup podium finishers. I was flabbergasted. Women i race against, or at least line up behind. There was paparazzi, cheering, and yelling. And each athlete was headed straight for me.

I didn't know if i should smile, look them in the eye, give them some coy word of congratulations. I began to sweat. It was horrible.

My defining moment came when it was time for the men's top 5 for the race. They all wear hats and sunglasses and about 5 feet out from me, began to bend their heads ever so slightly, assume i would smoothly lasso them as they slowed only slightly on their way to the blocks.

I got caught up on Ross Schnell. Now some people know i have an "affinity" towards him, and they were laughing in the crowd. I think i turned beet red as he approached, i fumbled, and caught the bill of his hat. Which then caught his hand, and we were momentarily intertwined. I stuttered, and all he said to me was "ROOKIE MOVE." i will remember it forever.

    I also got to put a medal around over-all series winner and Canadian Olympian Geoff Kabush. I saw him race the Redlands Classic one year. I cheered very loudly during the crit. He wears fancy skinsuits, that look real nice.


Laura said...

Just think of it as a weekend of early happy birthdays. :)

And HB, by the way, if I don't catch you tomorrow!!!

Julene said...

Oh my sis that totally cracks me up! You are the best! Happy more year to be 20-something! Just remember I'll always be older but you will always beat me on anything athletic! xo

Matt said...

When Ross said, "Rookie move" did you ever consider that maybe he was talking about himself for not taking off his hat? And what kind of man approaches a woman without removing his hat?

Good day maddam.

Krista Park said...

Nice write-up! too funny. It was great riding with you; let's do it again next year (or better yet, this "winter" in SoCal).

JOY said...

KRISTA!!I am already making ride plans, road and MTB and lining out all the winter races!