Tuesday, September 16

Well thank you for asking!!

Recently i have been asked how i came out so good, so "wholesome" to be exact.

Here is your answer.
That's right. I went to home school. Brenda, my mom, was also my first teacher. I went to traditional school in 5th grade, but before then i spent three years doing the following:
(This is Mom with Mary Whipple - that's right, mom kicks it with Olympian Gold Medalists!)
  • Planting gardens (one year 30 tomato plants, 18 hills of zucchini)

  • baking bread from scratch

  • Raising kittens and puppies

  • Cleaning

  • Making dinner

  • Building forts

  • Building play houses

  • Working in the yard

  • Not watching TV

  • Not playing video games

  • Helping out on a fellow homeschoolers ranch

  • Hiking through the woods

  • And doing an occasional math worksheet
  • Riding my bike to the community swimming pool

Now, most of you probably almost deleted me from your blogroll. These facts do not make me weird, at all. Promise.

I just wanted you to know that not everyone who goes to homeschool turns out odd. My brother and sister both went, and from what i know they seem pretty normal. We are all quite socially adempt too (i have almost 300 friends on Facebook...its way better than myspace...).

So, give a homeschooler a chance!


Laura said...

Farm People! Field trips with the Happy Home School Group!

Don't forget you helped build a house - your name is on my parents' brass plaque to prove it. :)

I loved homeschool. I'm totally going to make my kid a homeschool hottie.

Dustin said...

Haha, oh you are weird. But that's why you're so awesome!

but this certainly explains a lot.

oh and your brothers sideburns are crazy

Julene said...

I love the shirt, I think I will get one! I have no regrets of being home schooled but Rouru says I was deprived with the lack of TV!

Justin said...

Nothing wrong with being WEIRD...

I went to such a small school in upstate NY that I might as well have been home schooled!

I think the key thing is to not grow up all urban, or even sub-urban. I can't imagine not having spent all those years exploring in the woods behind my house.

...but yeah you have been deleted. :)

jamie said...

you left out the part about how you became so un-modest??

trainwreck said...

hmmm...must have been absent the day she went over the spelling of "adept".

like your blog.

JOY said...

Laura: This is true, we helped build a house before we were ten years old!!

Jamie: Just because most of my clothes is ill-fitting and it is so hot here i can't figure out how to zip my jersey's up, doesn't mean i am unmodest.

And Trainwreck: I am glad you like my blog. And i ride bikes and teach PE, i speak a lot, but you don't have to have good spelling to talk! and yes, i missed that entire subject!