Monday, September 15

Sundays Just Don't Seem To Be Our Day...

That's a Goat Head Thorn.

Joey: "Dude, i have like a hundred thorns in my front tire. Sweet!"

Joy: "um, so do i"

Matt: yelling back at us, "do one of you have a flat?"

Joy/Joey: "yes, we both do"

As we had a pit contest to see who would fix it first, Matt's back tire went flat. Since i finished first...I soon realized my front was flat as well. When i went up to Joey's bike, i saw his front was flat too. Then it was all quiet and what not, and we could hear the air coming out of Matt's front tire too.

6 flats total. No tubeless. 3 tubes.

As we were walking our bikes up a really rude asphalt climb, i asked Matt how his day was. He said "way better than last weekend." Yes, this is true. Every ride will be better than last weekend!


Matt said...

Did you tell Thorpe he needs to go clean up his trails of goat head thorns? That was ridiculous.

JOY said...

maybe he can take some of the kids up there for a work-bee.