Sunday, September 9

I find most things funny

This weekend has been big. But, last weekend was BIGGER. So, i have to back track just a bit, to get myself up to speed.

I had a birthday. i am not one for self-promotion, aside from the fact that i have a blog that is soley centered around myself. But, i turned 28 last Sunday. The cool thing about the placement of my birthday is that Labor Day always lands near the date, so i get a holiday of sorts.

Lets start with Friday:
Yucaipa Regional Park for a picnic with the high school students and fun on the water slides, frolicking in the lake, and a snack, brought by yourself. I got dinner from friend Carrie, then hit up some church action where Zack never seems to let us down.

Moving to Saturday:
I have become addicted to riding my bike, in mass. I like to call it the coffee shop on wheels. This group is huge, fast, and extremely entertaining. I flatted. And when i abrubptly stopped to fix it, i actually had to sit on the curb because the vomit was so close. It was also 110 degrees and i was sweating like i just climbed out of the pool. Adam Hart stopped to help, which was great because i promptly flatted again. We time trialed it back to meet Matt, because all mountain bikers must stay close and be eachothers wingmen.

It was officially Hot.

The big Day:

My posie of Matt, Trevor, and Christie, and i all headed to Big Bear to do some scouting. THis was the ultimate birthday bash. Three of my favorites, on our bikes, doing what we do. The weather was about 25 degrees cooler than the furnace we call home, and the conversation selacious as usual. AS we neared the end the flood gates opened and dumped the largest amount of rain i have seen in months. The trail quickly turned into fast moving stream and i loved it! Then i felt bad because the boys were shivering and turning blue. Something to do with that low body fat percent or something. Once we loaded up we headed to La Montana for a delicious meal. Now that, my friends, is an awesome day.

Later that day, Shelli took me to a movie and gave me a pretty hot dress. My host family (who will soon have an entire post dedicated to them) hooked me up with cycling jewlery. yeah.

Then real life attacked, which left me spun out with late nights and early mornings of working on work stuff, which will create its own blog one day.


Anonymous said...

Happy B Day!!!!

Matt said...

And on Sunday, it was officially cold.