Tuesday, August 28

Out of Retirement

I think i mentioned, perhaps, that i retired from Coaching sports. Well, i lied. AS of yesterday, i am once again on the roster. i am currently gleaning a group of Junior High Girls for a season of wicked Volleyball. Pictures to come, stories to recap, just let me tell you this: The tears will flow, the fingers will become jammed, but our quest for pure domination begins tomorrow.

We did have an idea though. I can only put 12 on the roster. I have 22 girls trying out. Some ones gonna get the ax. I should have brought the video camera in on day one. Set up the confession room, and let the tape roll. They could try to fight for my time and give me the run down as to why THEY should remain on the team: They are popular, they can hit the ball-sometimes. They look cute in the uniform and many other viable options. Then at the end of every practice, we would come to center court in a circle, and one by one they would be eliminated, leaving only the best of the best, 12 in a row, suited up in their faded blue jerseys. Now thats good TV.

But alas, we serve, set, bump, set, run wind sprints and talk about grandious things like team work, development, playing well with others and great attitudes. Now, that, would be dull TV.


Christie said...

man! i think that could def make good TV. especially on MTV Real LIfe or something! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Playing volleyball in middle school was the highlight of my preteens. I would have been crushed if I had gotten the boot. Be gentle.

I might be assistant coaching a high school softball team. The head coach is more passive than me so I might need advise on how to bring the pain.