Friday, August 17

Sneaky Snakes no more

You would think that a mountain bike ride in the middle of the work day would go unnoticed. Oh contrare. Since Matt is "taking time off" and i am about to stop taking time off, we hit up Loch Leven for some sneaky riding. Only to run into Padgett and another guy (i forgot his name, it happens) at the country store in Angeles Oaks. Of course we chatted it up and they were obviously NOT working either, and probably should have been! After cruising some one track, we noticed a familiar SUV at the store, belonging to Edward. What's up with that? at least we were all able to line out some killer rides for the weekend...maybe someone will work on Monday.

In Other news:

Last night i felt like a Pimp. I took Dozer and his best collar to a ranch down the road. I had him run hot laps, sit, lay down, showcase his hops, and come when he was called. It felt like the circus in a way, and i feel very shallow for it! They seemed to like him, but no call back...yet.

I am the locker lady:

Yesterday I assigned over 300 lockers. This is what i know:

Some things are WAY more important than they should be
Parents are really rude
If there is a spider in your OUTSIDE locker, that is NOT my problem
If you can not open your locker, that is not my problem
If you would like a top locker, show up early, and that is also not my problem

Cool thing is that i have keys and combos to all the lockers. i find contraband. this is fun...

Tomorrow boads long road rides followed by swimming in the pool and lounging on the couch. One could get used to this. But then whose going to fold the laundry and finish my lesson plans???


Anonymous said...

So can you keep the "contraband" for yourself? Or do you really have to turn it in....

Matt said...

You don't have to say that I'm "taking time off." The world should know that I got terminated from that crap company. Anyway, that other dude up in Angelus Oaks was John Topelski, but don't ask me to spell his last name right. Maybe I got fired because I'm a bad speller.