Friday, August 3

Sister Sister and the Return of Lupagus

For starters, here is a shot from NC. THis is funny, probably only to me, because i had just slid/ran/hucked and chucked down some one track to come face to face with Shelli's dad, who promptly yelled that he did not come all this way to see me run. I was going SO fast...that as i jumped onto the bike i actually fell onto it, then off and in some cirque du solei fashion ended up run and leaping on landing with both feet clipping in at the same time. See how parallel my legs are? promise i don't "ride" like that. I guess you had to be there...


My Sister Julene and her husband Rouru are expecting another kid!! Cool, except the first one made her REALLY sick for about 7 months, and this one is well on the way to doing the same thing. Things are not looking pleasant or good for the next chunk of months for her, especially with this little ball of nudity running around wanting to play!! He did however, make a funny. While the family was looking at the ultra sound he said "Look Mum, a bunny!" And that Bunny, will one day be his sibling...

It bums me out that they live in New Zealand. I know it is a nice place and all, i have googled it a few times, but it is hard to help or play or be able to eat the really good island food!

although this is not the BEST picture of the Pet, it will have to do. Yesterday i was able to pick him up and he will spend the rest of forever with me! This was in fact, a huge ray of excitement because he is by far one of my most favorite "People"! We have had some walks, cuddled, napped, and rides in the car. He has dropped some LB's due to the whole situation, so now the goal is to get him to EAT. i usually have to SIT WITH HIM to get him to eat and make him extravagent things like oatmeal with bacon, eggs, and part of a burrito. i am not of the school of thought that he should not get human food. He ate the whole bowl...well not the bowl...i would get in trouble for that one!!

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