Tuesday, September 18

Crash Landing

The HOST family
Paige, Darla and Greg Johnson

Two months and 15 days ago, I landed on the Johnson's front porch. Darla swiftly asked if i had my bags with me and if not, to get them quickly. The time since has been spent by to pool with the smell of BBQ in the air, watching kids play the Wii and counting the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling.

Sometimes i come home pretty late, and i catch some crap for it. Sometimes i make some food, but mostely Darla and Paige do, and they show me up pretty good. I have become the fall-gal for all of Greg's misplaced bike tools, broken toys, and poorly turned off cable. Its always nice to have someone new to pass the buck to.

the comedy factor is exceptionally high due to the fact that Greg enjoys dressing up in Paige's Bumble Bee halloween costume and terrorizing the visitors.

They have a cat
The problem with *cat* is that she/he poops in the wrong spot. Now i say he/she because i know very little about this creature. I don't even know its name. This is the first time in my LIFE i have not known the name of a pet that resides with me. i feel bad.

*Cat* Waiting to enter. It slipped in once, i pretended to be its friend, and tossed it out the door.

Greg sells Bikes
Thats just what he does. He builds them, sells them, gets dealers to sells them, and rides them. Sometimes. He is so into bikes, he even rode this Trek model to the mailbox, 30 yards away, to fetch the mail in his basket and deliver it to the table. Now thats commitment!

This was a short story of where i am in the hills of Loma Linda. Many a cyclist has passed through these Host Home walls before me, none have probably stayed as long, but i am sure all have felt just as loved. Giant tear. But for real, these guys are life savers!

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Matt said...

Had a cat. Past tense.