Monday, September 24

The Good Life

Although it takes some time, coaching Junior High Volleyball is pretty much the best for this fact alone:

I don't spend my minor pittance on high end snacks, but parents are more than willing to do so. They roll in the coolers, break out the snack packs, beverages, and pop tarts. They usual try to create a complete mini-meal topped off with a ziploc bag for the leftovers. I usually just got an apple and one roaming oreo cooking in a bag that by the time i got ready to consume them the cookie was best used for pie crust and the apple for dart practice.

"Pittance (through French pitance and from Latin pietas, loving kindness) is a gift to the members of a religious house for masses, consisting usually of an extra allowance of food or wine on occasions such as the anniversary of the donor's death festivals and other similar occasions. The word was early transferred to a charitable donation and to any small gift of food or money."

Sorry. i have come to the habit of looking words up online, and i found this definition quite enlightening.

that was the one and only interesting thing that took place today.

Parting shot: Finish line in Aspen. Thanx for the pic DAD!

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