Thursday, September 13

I ran out of Spanish Rice, but won their hearts back with Churros

And this is all that was left.

Last weekend, i headed to Big Bear Thursday afternoon with 40 high school seniors. i had one job. and it was a big one. i was cooking for them, until Saturday night.

9 dozen enchilladas (potato ones, cheese ones, ones with peppers...)
3 HUGE pans of black bean salad
3 huge pans of spanish rice made from scratch
3 pans orzo salad (Thanx Christie for the recipe!)
And all the accutraments for hot dogs plus potato salad
A pancake breakfast was had with some killer scrambled eggs.

To say the least, i was pooped. my ankles were swollen, there were stains on all my shirts, and i barely ate a thing all weekend I always have the staples though: Yogurt; carrots; apple sauce; slim fast and pedialyte. Im hungry...

But it was worth it! The kids loved the food and even said it was healthy AND good. score. The churros created a feasting frenzy as did the root beer floats on saturday night!

I do have an idea though: How about a SAVORY CHURRO. Think Corn Nuts. They come without the sugar and cinnamon, so why not bake them and roll them in garlic herbs? BBQ flavor? Rosemary? Think about it...we will have a taste test sometime...later...

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vanessa said...

There was left over churros??

Next time we go camping, we are taking the you (the food maker) with us