Monday, September 10

Some things, are in fact, as large as they appear

I was riding with Matt one day and i kept getting this shaft of light stuck in my eye. Could it be faulty sunglasses? NO! Not the HAbervisions, they would not let me down (besides sliding, fogging, and getting dirty). I tried to move and get out of the way, but then i realized just where that glint of light was coming from.

Then on another ride, Matt was shooing a fly away with his left hand when SMACK, something hit me upside the head. Good thing my helmet was intact and ready for warfare. Otherwise, i could have been down for the count.

And this, was the culpret. A GARMIN, so he says. I was thinking calculator, GPS from way back when. But it is purely a wrist watch.

PS: Some of this could have been a lie.


Matt said...

Was it a shaft or a glint of light because the two, by definition are completely different things? And I don't recall this day that I whacked in you the helmet. Was it your black helmet or your white, - sorry, pink helmet? And if it was your pink helmet, did I knock the visor off of it? That would have been a shame.

You'll be happy to know that yesterday I recieved a package from Garmin that will allow me to, once again, mount my giant watch to a handlebar instead of my wrist.


JOY said...

Since i am not a *writer* like others, i just teach PE, i think light is light in any form...and are you trying to say there is an Issue with the visor? Because i like it. it keeps the glint out of my eyes...

Matt said...

Does the visor keep the glint out of your eyes or do the Habervisions keep glint out of your eyes? I'm confused. Shed some light on that one.

JOY said...

Dang. tough call. since mid july i havent really raced with glasses on due to : mud, sweat, humidity, and dark single track. So i would have to go with the visor. but now that i got hooked up with a new and improved haber model, i will put the jury out on that one. until sunday perhaps.