Wednesday, September 2

It's my birthday, I am allowed to whine. I mean Shine...

I stayed up until midnight last night to see if in fact I would turn into a pumpkin upon turning the dreaded, dirty, thirty. I certainly did not morph into holiday decor nor did I audibly hear my metabolism hit the wall and slow down. But I am convinced I felt it. Just as convinced as the time i saw the Jackalope in Yosemite. It was there.

In this new wacky era of the interwebs and texting, I have been inundated with birthday cheer. None of it is unwanted, and definately not unwarrented. However, it has come at the strangest of times, modes, and well from some pretty strange people.

99% of people really did not know it was my birthday, had it not been for Face Book. They were then posed with a few options: text, wall post, IM, weird birthday cake for homepage wall etc. Many of the cheer-sharers I have not seen, heard from, nor would recognize if I was staring at them at Stell Coffee house.

Here are some of my favorites:

* Happy Birthday, Joy. You're probably going to take a birthday bike ride, in that case, don't get hurt.

*Happy Birthday you wackado!!!!!

*Happy Birthday, Joy!!! Hope it is wonderful and you get to do a good ride :)

*Happy Birthday Joy Bell. 30 huh! Enjoy it to the MAX. Skip school.

*Hippy Bathday!


*Happy birthday Joy! I will ride my bike to work tomorrow in your honor.

*JOY to the World!! Have a Happy Happy day & eat tons of good stuff...then ride it off.

*Happy Birthday silly Joy!! ;)

*Happy Birthday Joy! Already making 30 look fun!!

I also am the proud recipient of multiple eCards. One had a rainbow that would fill in each color at a time, another had an animated kitten that got stuck in a ball of yarn, and yet another had a pink girl walking through a field. I sure hope Halmark has dibs on some ecards, or they are going to go out of business. The ecard is amazing because you can remember at 4:52pm a loved ones birthday, shoot that email out and be within the safe confines of the work day. Some of the cards i received were preselected and scheduled to be "released" today. Im not knocking them. They did make me chuckle a bit, and everyone knows I sure don't own stamps either.

I have received a litany of text messages. Rad...I have unlimited now. Whew.

Thank you for the well-wishes and laughs! The good times are just beginning!


Laura said...

Thanks to Facebook, I always feel tacky when I remember to wish someone happy birthday ON their birthday. Because Lord knows I wouldn't remember if it wasn't for some artificial reminder.

But, well, I'm glad you were born. :)

Veeze Price said...

just think... next year you'll be thirty something.hahaha happy birth day (late)